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Web Design

Web design is an inseparable part of any client-facing project. Quality of the UI & UX design is one of the major factors that will determine how clients perceive the value that your business is offering.

Our team of extremely experienced and innovative designers will dive into the requirements, understand the business model, and the problem you are trying to solve. We will work tightly with all the stakeholders, so we can break the rules and provide the digital solution unique to your business needs. In UI & UX design attention to details is critical, and we treat it as such.

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Web Development

For many, web development means building a website, and they are not wrong. However, building the website is only one part of much more complex process which results in a full digital solution.

Our team will do everything humanly possible to make this process as easy as possible from the first idea to delivery and maintenance. In IIBS, we believe that we should take over all the load from the client, so they can concentrate on their business that that love and care for so much. We are committed to create a web presence that your business can rely on to build the future and serve the clients.

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Your brand has a 2-3 second window to engage the consumer and make a good impression. We create distinctive, vibrant illustrations and animations that will attract consumers.

Our illustrators are highly skilled in creating illustrations and animations for explainer videos, printed material and social content. We will help your brand and product to stand out from the competition.

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Video & motion design

In the current challenging and extremely competitive business world, it is becoming increasingly more critical to stand out in advertising and showcasing.

Our designers and editors will help your business to stand out from the crowd through videos and animations custom made for your business attracting your ideal client. Videos and animations are perfect promotion material for the company website, conferences, billboards, and many other medium. 

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Payment Processing

Any business that makes money online is relying on a secured and reliable payment processing integration. If your company or one of its business models is requiring payment processing of any sort, you are in the right place.

In IIBS, we have gained years of experience in payment processing since the very beginning when we started. Our engineers will create a solution for payment processing that is uniquely tailored for your business model. And, we will do anything possible to make this complex process as smooth as possible, so you won't need to worry about it... unless you want to. 

But, that is not all. We just happened to be processing partners with one of the largest payment processing providers in the world. Our ratings allow us to offer transaction fee rates that are virtually impossible to beat. For more info, visit our IPS subdivision.

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Cloud migration

Moving a business' digital solutions to the cloud benefits in many different ways. Some of which are cost savings, infinite scalability, performance, and many many more. In most cases, the transition is more involved than just moving the code. To see the real fruits the migration has to be done right.

As surprising as it is, the majority of internet resources today are still hosted on dedicated machines that an organization purchased or rented. And yet, with lots of clear benefits in using cloud services, many organizations are still refraining from migrating there digital solutions to a cloud; and there are many reasons for that.

Our engineering team will build a detailed plan for migrating your business digital solution to a cloud. We will provide all the details related to the changes in the current solution, required resources, timeframes for delivery, costs, and execution. We do that with your team in mind, so your organization can take over the further development and maintenance once migration is complete.

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Technical feasibility study

Diving into a new engineering initiative can be risky and expensive. Without having some level of knowledge and understanding of what is your business going to invest in, it is almost like playing roulette in a casino.

Whether you consider implementing an entirely new solution or upgrading your current software, IIB Solutions will conduct a feasibility study and help you answer the most pressing questions. Will your business benefit from new software engineering engagement? Which implementation scenario can bring the maximum benefit?

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Dealing with many different projects can create an unnecessary overload on the team and derail the company's focus. Many times companies have even failed while trying to address too many things at ones, drawing in the overhead of management of a bunch of projects. We, at IIBS, will be happy to provide the help you need to manage through hard times like that.

Whether your business needs help with the new or ongoing software development project or there is a project that you simply decided not to deal with, IIBS will work out a tailored strategy, processes, practices, technologies, and the tools to guarantee your smooth development journey.

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Mobile Apps

If you’re looking to leverage mobile technology for your business, we want to congratulate you! This is a big step in business development.

IIBS is working with a team of amazing app developers and we are all at your service. We will provide iOS and Android mobile application development services so you can reach your customers on their favorite devices.

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