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Creative direction / Art direction / UI/UX design

One of our latest additions and a very inspiring project too. The client is providing a very unique level of services in a pretty standard industry. Their website had to reflect that. It was designed by one of our dearests partners for a Russian company and its unique market. It was important for us to use the knowledge and the experience of a local designer who has deep knowledge of the local mentality of businesses and their potential clients.

Approach to UX / Frontend Implementation

Our creative and the engineering team were pretty much given a green light to do anything necessary to make the website as interactive as possible. We wanted to make it difficult for the visitor to leave :) In a good way, of course.
In addition to the unique design showcasing all the company products and services, we succeeded in building a sophisticated, yet easy to use, website. By employing the animation techniques, we made it so the visitor can almost touch and feel the products.


You have to see it to believe it.

Visit the demo page for ЕВРОСТРОЙ

The page is lightning fast, flawless, super easy to use, and with so much marketing potential.

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