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Web Development
In today's fast-moving business climate, small and mid-size businesses need a web presence to help them grow and expand their product. It should be part of every business plan and is a key part in establishing your brand. IIB Solutions makes it easy to create a product that will develop a solid reputation for your business.
Come to IIBS with a vision for your website and we will make it come to life, involving you in every step of the process to ensure your company's website is representing that same entrepreneurial spirit that will make your business a success. We take an oath of commitment to our clients from the moment we first meet you until the moment your new website goes live and beyond.
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API Development & Integration
IIB Solutions will bring years of expertise and knowledge in determining if your small or mid-size business can benefit from an API, otherwise known as an Application Programming Interface. An API can be critical behind the scenes tool in developing your web presence. A successfully built API and its integration into your business plan will send programming commands to the back end of your web interface to access things such as databases and various sources of data needed to complete a set of assigned tasks that we at IIB Solutions will determine as critical to the development of your web-based platform.
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Project Management
IIB Solutions offers renowned project management services that save any small and mid-size business loads of time and effort, leaving the technical network and software infrastructure to us. We will work within your budget and business plan to reach your goals. Whether you are just starting out and have come to IIB Solutions for a comprehensive business solutions package or you are looking for someone to take your business and make it even better than before, we are here to help.
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Security & Privacy
Security and privacy is a must. When you visit or call IB Solutions to ask how we can help your business grow, one of the most important things we will discuss is your network and website's security and privacy capabilities. Vulnerabilities in security can become a hazard for you and customers, putting sensitive data and personal details in the hand of cyber criminals who may use that information to steal your and your clients' identity.
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Proof of Concept & Prototyping
Whether you're a new startup, a mid-sized firm, or a smaller but nonetheless established company, we are committed to providing you the best software prototyping and proof of concept services available.
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Enterprise Solutions
Custom software development aligned with your business requirements deliver a solution that is tailored to your industry and the unique needs of your customers. Collecting the right data and presenting results in accurate and effective reporting requires a laser focus on gathering and using the correct data. Whether this means modifying your existing software systems or implementing new tools, IIBS will provide the right solutions for your enterprise.
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