About Project

PRIZ Guru is a startup which builds Inventive Thinking Platform. The target of this project was to build a marketing website for their product and for publishing articles on the subject. The website had to be easy to understand and fun to browse through. PRIZ Guru team trusted in us to build the initial website for them including design and implementation.

The Problem

PRIZ Guru startup was at the very beginning of their road when we started working with them. At that point, they had only the prototype of their product available and a bunch of ideas for future implementations. We had to extensively study what is it they are trying to build and how it works. Even PRIZ team themselves didn't really know what they need.

Our Strategy

Our design and UI/UX engineers when through a number of iterations before we started building anything. After the release, we continued monitoring conversion performance and made several improvements. Our approach is to make many small changes fast, so we can make continuous optimization of user experience.

The Solutions

Our proposed solution included an end-to-end design and implementation. We chose WordPress as the main engine with several integrations to third-party systems such as HubSpot CRM, Mixpanel, Google Analytics, Inspectlet and others. IIB Solutions team takes full care of hosting and maintenance of this website. It is hosted on Digital Ocean cloud as we found it the most cost-effective for the case.

The Results

Our final work is fully responsive, high performance, SEO optimized website highlighting the most important aspects of our PRIZ Guru product. The client is free to manage any of website content without risk of breaking the appearance or functionality. The website is secured and constantly monitored for vulnerabilities.

Larch Construction

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