About Project

One of the local custom home builders invested his soul into his work from any aspect of it. His company, Larch Construction Ltd is known in Vancouver area for making remarkable custom-built houses, such ones that no low budget builder will ever make. But in order to appeal to more customers, he needed a fine, polished website which would attract more clients. We needed to create a reflection of his dedication to his clients.

The problem

Larch Construction Ltd did not have a web presence at all, no website, no Internet marketing. We needed to make a fully functional SEO optimized website, that would be appealing for visitors to become clients. The website also needed to be fully managed without further development involvement, so the client could add new content with ease, while maintaining a solid structure of the website.

The Strategy

First, we had an extensive interview with our client to know exactly how we could show his attitude and passion for building homes onto his website. We settled to make it look like a professional homemade website, which refers to the luxury of masterfully handcrafted artisanry. That’s why the most important pages on the website are about the company, and their work process.
“I had a pleasure working with the dev team on two web design projects. A flawless process from the mockups to the website made my life easier.”
  • Eugene Averbuch,
  • the founder of Larch Construction

The Solutions

We implemented a design, which was simple yet elegant. We took care of responsiveness, so customers could view the website on various devices. We also made sure to make it SEO optimized, so it won't be omitted by search engines, such as Google, Bing, and others. To further enhance user experience with the website, we decreased loading times all the best practices we learned over the years and hosting it on a high-performance cloud platform.

The Results

Our final work is fully responsive, high performance, SEO optimized website highlighting the most important aspects of our client's work. It helped with showing and magnifying Larch Construction's projects in the best way, making the company more visible for potential customers. We also managed to integrate existing project management system into the website. The client is free to edit his website, without fear for destroying its appearance.

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